Eyes Like Midnight

Robert Cosgrove – Vocals
Tristin Paz – Bass
Kaylynn Sammy – Guitar
Christian Boles – Drums

Welcome to the new world.

In this age of artificial intelligence, rapid change and dynamic evolution are inevitable.

Trends and bands come and go with the hyper-speed of information flow. After 10+ years and nearly 700 live shows all across America, the dissolution of vocalist/songwriter Robert Cosgrove’s band Sleep Signals in 2023 gave birth to something new and noteworthy – and in 2024, it emerged as a fully evolved idea.

EYES LIKE MIDNIGHT signifies the dawn of a new era, where his seemingly-limitless ability to create is no longer bound by the constraints of staying within formula. “Starting over has allowed me to be much more dynamic and to incorporate different sounds into the framework of my music”, explains Cosgrove. Recording 15 new songs in three multi-week, intense sessions at producer Chris Dawson’s Aphiotic Studios in rural Kansas, Robert and his co-writers spent eight weeks writing and tracking the music that would ultimately encapsulate the beginning of EYES LIKE MIDNIGHT.

On April 18th, the debut single, “Digital Deity” was unleashed to streaming platforms globally. From the instant the counter begins, the hard-charging tempo and massive, chugging riff illustrate that this new musical chapter isn’t lacking for power. As the first phase of the band’s live WATCHES are confirmed, more new music and content will be unveiled. Even in the darkest of nights, there is always a glimmer of hope to be found. EYES LIKE MIDNIGHT are cutting through the darkness with a beacon of clarity.

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